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Throughout the world you will find many different kinds of paving laid on driveways, highways, sidewalks, patios, roads and landscapes. With paving being installed in every shape, color, texture and size. In every country in the world.

So we aim to bring you the very best information to help you choose the best contractors, the best products and provide you the very best helpful guides. We also showcase the latest trade shows so you can keep up-to-date with all the latest cleaners, sealers, paving tools & equipment you can buy. So whether you have asphalt, concrete or stone, we aim to help you achieve and find what your looking for.

Review of the best products

Read our reviews of some of the best-selling asphalt repair products, stone & concrete cleaners, porcelain, paving & slab sealing products you can buy. Or some of the many other products you can buy or have installed on your patio, driveway or outdoor garden area. We show you what people think when they have used these products so their reviews will help you decide if you are getting value for money as well as the best products.

Paving.com helps you maintain your paving

Weeds and moss can be unsightly when growing in the joints of pavers. Read our paving cleaner guides to show you how to remove them
Weeds look unsightly when growing in pavers

Have you got dirty patio or driveway or a weed & moss problem? Do you need to clean your paving? Are you looking to stop oil and dirt penetration into the surface of your pavers, slabs or tiles? Do you want to do the work yourself without the need to call a contractor? Then take a look at our knowledge base for some of our many helpful guides that show you how to keep your paving oil, moss, weed & dirt free. Or have a look at some of the many best-selling cleaners & sealers you can buy to stop weeds, moss and algae from growing on your paved surface or in the joints and cracks. We try to help you keep your paving in tip-top condition all year round.

Manufacturers and installation contractors

There is such a big choice available that when choosing a design, pattern or color of pavers or slabs can be confusing so we often need inspiration. So we have got together a list of some of the best paving manufacturers to help you choose. With many of these manufacturers having online brochures of their products so you can browse before you decide to buy.

Installing or laying slabs, pavers or asphalt can be time consuming and hard work. It’s not a job for the faint hearten. That’s where professional contractors and installation expertise comes in! So we have complied a list of local contractors for you to decide who best fits the work you want to have done.